Libs Elliott Rebel quilt pattern (and a mini swap!)

The Libs Elliott rebel quilt pattern comes in both a mini quilt version and regular sized versions, and over the next few months I plan to sew up both.

Over on Instagram I’ve signed up for a really fun Lib Elliott themed mini quilt swap organized by @lisataylor1982. The idea is to swap mini quilts using Libs Elliott fabric, or a Libs Elliott pattern / a modern mini quilt pattern in the same vein as her designs (or both).

Libs Elliott rebel quilt mini swap

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Mini Log Cabin Quilt

There’s nothing like constraints to get the ideas flowing, and Curated Quilt’s latest challenge was so inspiring I had to jump in. The brief was a mini log cabin in a specific palette. It’s been interesting to see as the quilts pop up how different screens (I think) have influenced colour interpretations. (For example, where some read “mustard” others – like me – saw “acid green.”) And on top of that the variety of creative takes is just incredible to see. Will definitely be keeping an eye out for the next one, it was really fun to step outside my comfort zone and create something based on a bit of external direction. Continue reading “Mini Log Cabin Quilt”

Newsletter news

How do you guys find out about all the various swaps and quilt-alongs that are happening? I seem to catch word of these through Instagram (and, due to Instagram’s algorithm, very randomly at that). So very often I find I’m out of the loop, only discovering fun exchanges well after they’ve already started.

With this in mind I’ve added a new feature to the newsletter to try and gather this kind of information and act as a resource for those of you also on the lookout for your next project. Introducing …

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