Kid in a candy store

Well after a prolonged summer hiatus from sewing (taken in order to concentrate on work, but now that I’ve come out the other side I’m not at all sure that I’m that much farther ahead) I am ready to get back into it. Happily for me, I didn’t curb my fabric buying as much as I should have in the interim, so the goods are piling up and I can’t wait tackle both old and new projects. I think my plan for the next two months is going to be to try and strike a balance between making Christmas presents and finishing some already-started quilts. I seem to have accumulated quite a few kid-centric, retro- and holiday-themed prints which, while not my first choice for quilts, are going to be great for presents.

In the meantime, here are some shots of the one thing I did manage to complete (somehow self-imposed deadlines seem easier to meet when they’re for a little person). It’s a play mat made using Wee Gallery fabric from Dear Stella (with inspiration from Modern Handcraft). I made it the size of a single fat quarter (metre) and created a little bag for all the pieces from some of the other prints in this collection as well. (And I used a medium-stiffness interfacing to back the pieces, just because that’s what I had on hand.)

Quilted kids dress up doll play mat with Wee Gallery fabric.

Quilted kids dress up doll play mat with Wee Gallery fabric.

Quilted kids dress up doll play mat with Wee Gallery fabric.

Quilted kids dress up doll play mat with Wee Gallery fabric.

Quilted kids dress up doll play mat with Wee Gallery fabric.


sunday stash inspiration

fabric stash

Have you ever caught a glance of a random pile of fabric and suddenly have the puzzle pieces of several creative problems fall into place at once? This is exactly what happened to me this week when my Miss Matatabi order arrived. And yes, I realize the fact that I selected and ordered each piece of fabric makes it not exactly random. Or random at all. But somehow, the way these half-yards came together – some for specific projects, some ordered “just because” – caused a light bulb to go off in my brain. (Some credit is also surely due to the way these were packaged up with that beautiful fabric ‘ribbon’.)

What are you working on? Have you had any creative breakthroughs lately?

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friday finish + making plans

Here’s a shot of a little drawstring bag (with pocket) that I found in my scrap pile. It was almost done so that was an easy finish!

denyse schmidt drawstring bag

Also thought I’d take a minute to finally put my “to-do” list for the year out there (now that’s almost the end of February!). I was a little reluctant to do so earlier because, like a lot of people I think, I started off the year with a lot of optimism and a lot of energy and my plans – both quilting and non-quilting – felt kind of ridiculously ambitious. So I kind of wanted to see how things went for a while and as it turns out they’ve been pretty productive. Confidence is still high, so here goes, my quilting-related goals for the 2015!

  • Build my skills by learning a new block each week (and posting it for accountability and to share any tips I pick up along the way). With the addition of two blocks to the Quilt Block Library this weekend I’ll be averaging a block a week … so far so good.
  • Turn the first set of blocks from the Quilt Block Library into a rainbow quilt sampler.
  • Make a quilt desk organizer out of my Doe fabric stash.
  • Take a paper piecing class.
  • Try one quilt-as-you-go project.
  • Start a traditional sampler (like the Farmer’s Wife but I’m not sure whether this is the one yet).
  • One baby quilt.
  • Star sampler.
  • Moda Building Blocks quilt in solids.
  • New goal: a medallion quilt based on the block I made last week.

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