Road trip case pattern

Have finally gifted this project so I can share! The pattern is Anna Graham’s Road Trip Case and I had so much fun making it I already have two more planned (including one for myself). The instructions were really clear and there is something super satisfying the way it all comes together in the end.

Can I also just say, I think Anna Graham patterns + Carolyn Friedlander fabrics = a match made in heaven? (Other fabrics in this project are from Umbrella Prints and Cotton and Steel.)

Road trip case, pattern by Anna Graham

#roadtrip bag pattern by Anna Graham

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8 thoughts on “Road trip case pattern

  1. OK, granted it is a lovely pattern. Thanks to Anna Graham. But how did you make it so perfect, so neat, so beautiful. I am so impressed. Kudos to you!!!

    1. Hannah great question! The pattern calls for a combination of cotton canvas and cotton batting, but I substituted one layer of what I had on hand, which was Timtex Interfacing. I’m pretty sure this gave it an overall stiffer appearance (and maybe made it a little trickier to hand finish the binding!) but I was really happy with the result.

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