sunday stash : mini-medallion

Today I’m linking up with Molli Sparkles and My Quilt Infatuation to share a bit of my stash. I got inspired this week by two separate mail deliveries that looked great together (serendipity!). The top fabric is Sunset Sugar Arrowheads in Acacia from Tula Pink. The one on the bottom is Echinacea in Sparkle by Anna Maria Horner.

sunday stash

Somehow these fabrics suggested to me that the time was right to try my hand at a medallion quilt. Possibly a mini medallion, but we’ll see.

Things went haywire with the pattern I was following for the centre block right off the bat, so I decided I would actually just feel my way through this, creating the block that I wanted first and then building on it, ring by ring. The centre block starts with a tiny hourglass, in homage to the Arrowheads print. The hourglass is enclosed in an Economy Block, which in turn is the centre of a star made of HSTs. There was a bit of improv math involved, but I’m pretty happy with the way it turned out!


Now, some of you eagle eyes may know that the Echinacea print I’ve used is actually a voile, while everything else here is a quilting cotton. As a newbie I’m not totally sure how much of a risk I was taking by mixing these, but I was extra careful while working with this lighter weight fabric and I think as a result, actually ended up with less-than-average (for me) wonkiness!


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13 thoughts on “sunday stash : mini-medallion

  1. Congratulations on a gorgeous block, mixing voile with quilting weight cotton works as far as I know, extra care never hurts though!

  2. I’m a big fan of AMH’s designs. Her Pretty Potent line, however, fell flat for me. Despite that, I really, really like your use of the Echinacia print here (I may even need to add some to my stash as a result!). At first blush, the scale of the design seems mismatched for the size of your triangles. The thing is, it works! I love how you can see just snippets of the larger flowers in those triangles.

    1. Michelle I think I must have been commenting on your blog as you were writing this (^_^)! Thanks for the comment … I see what you mean about the scale … I do have a mild apprehension that there is an overall feel of “too much bitsy-ness” to this block because of the pattern mix, but I think it will be a fun challenge to see if I can calm things down with the subsequent rings.

      1. I think you should forge ahead in the same vein! (*My* apprehension is often cutting up the lovely, large-scale designs of AMH and Amy Butler for quilts, so I save them for bags.) You’ve got a good mix of small prints, big prints, and solids here!

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