It also has free colouring pages over in Prequilt so I’ve been using that to play around with my options. I’m determined to use fabric only from my stash, so that’s a constraining factor.

First, I pulled these fabrics:

Next, I went to Prequilt and imported them into my own personal Fabric Pull tab. Here’s a really good tip: you know when you order fabric online, very often your email has a list of the fabrics with a little thumbnail photo? Save those as they come in so you can play around with them in your designs.

Here’s the colouring sheet with the fabrics above. Keep in mind this pattern has that randomization element to it, so in theory my eventual quilt won’t have this same block placement, but this gives a really great idea of how the colours work together.

Nice, but you can see right away that having both an orange and a peach makes it a little muddy. I’m glad I tried this before I started cutting! What if I substitute the peach for a light cream?

Much better I think! More crisp. But then I decided to pull in a totally different set of colours from my stash.

Now this I really like. But there are a couple of “randomize” buttons in Prequilt and they’re really hard to resist! So next I got this, one of my favourites so far:

Unfortunately I no longer have the right amount of anything like that rust colour in my actual stash … so I revised a little based on what I did have, adding a yard of Add It Up in Glow, and Sarah Watson’s Foliage from a few years back, with has both rust and pink. Et voila!

This is the one! This week I’ll start cutting. Those links again: