The Unblock is an email series of prompts and projects for quilters: some modern, some traditional with a modern twist. Each project will be less a prescribed plan for a specific quilt than a jumping off point for any number of possibilities. Emails will arrive every few weeks or so as little sparks … hopefully they ignite something, and then the outcome is up to you.

The very first project in the series is The Mighty Muddle Through Block. If you follow me on Instagram you may remember it’s a block I drafted up during the earlier days of the pandemic, based on Ruby McKim’s iconic V Block from the 1930s.

Modern Victory QuiltI then used it to make a wall hanging for my mom (pictured above), and now I’m doing a block a week as a (better late than never/is this really still happening) pandemic project. These are a couple of my first blocks. In the spirit of making do, I’m trying to use only scraps and fabric I already have on hand.

Victory Quilt Block PatternAnd The Unblock is very much like this. Maybe you’re feeling a little stuck in your sewing, and a single block is what all takes to jumpstart a new idea … or maybe you keep going and make a whole quilt. It’s flexible, open ended, and best of all, free! If you’d like to join us, sign up over here.

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