Mega list of mini quilt patterns

Mini quilts just may be my favorite type of quilt project: the perfect way to scratch that itch to start something new, combined with the satisfaction of actually being able to finish it within a reasonable amount of time. (I’m talking quilted and bound here people!) My favorite mini quilt patterns have crisp, graphic motifs and layouts, and are designed thoughtfully to come together in a methodical way.

I’ve always got my eye out for new mini quilt patterns, and with that in mind I thought I’d try to start compiling a a mega round up in this space. I’ve tried to include a mix of traditionally pieced, paper pieced, and applique. If you have any favourites not listed below, please mention them in the comments, I’d love to hear about them!

To start the list off I’ve divided the minis into three groupings:

  • Modern
  • Traditional
  • Pictorial

(All photos are the property of the respective creators below.)

Modern mini quilt patterns

When you think of modern quilts one of the first names that comes to mind has got to be Libs Elliott. She designs quilts using a programming language called ‘Processing’ and lucky for the rest of us, she also develops some of this work into patterns. I made a Mini Rebel for a swap last year and was so happy with both the pattern (very clear and methodical!) and the result.

One of her latest patterns is Heartburst. It’s got a sweet hexagonal shape and uses EPP in a way that seems really novel … check out those hearts!  Also be sure to check out this particular pattern source, it’s quite cool because they sell kits with all of the paper pieces already cut for you.

Heartburst by Libs Elliott

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Mini Quilt Patterns (three great projects for beginners)

Make your own cute mini quilt wall with these three mini quilt patterns.

I’ve been making lots of mini quilts lately, so I thought it might be a good idea to pause and share some of these with you, since all have turned out to be good projects for beginners.

Patterns for small quilts are perfect thing if you (like me) tend to start new sewing projects at the drop of a hat. You can scratch that itch to start sewing something fresh, and still have the satisfaction of actually finishing something! (Plus, in short order, you can whip yourself up a pretty decent mini quilt wall.)

On to the patterns!

Skull Patchwork Block

Kirsty over at Bonjour Quilts has created this really sweet and simple Skull Patchwork Block. I am 100% confident recommending this one for beginners. It’s really well thought out, with just a couple of flip and sew angles using larger squares (so, not too fidget-y).

Skull Patchwork mini quilt patterns

I turned my block into a mini quilt (pictured above), using all fabrics from Amy Sinbaldi’s “Les Petits” fabric collection from Art Gallery Fabrics.

Tall Tales

If you’ve wanted to try paper piecing, Kate Basti’s Tall Tales book block pattern is a great first step. The pattern is free and it works with simple shapes in a clear sequence. (If you need some extra help understanding paper piecing, I recommend watching the videos in Carolyn Friedlander’s Polk Block class at Creative Bug … if you don’t have a membership they have a 14-day free trial.)

I’ve made mine into a mini quilt simply by binding a single block:

Book quilt block mini quilt patterns

Kitten Around

This one is such a fun modern mini quilt pattern, I can’t tell you! Lindsey over at Pen and Paper Patterns is the designer. Originally part of the Modern Quilter’s Box, it will be available from Lindsey’s shop in late November. I made my version (below) in all Cotton and Steel fabrics, as a single block, but the pattern also includes instructions for a larger wall hanging or baby quilt, using four blocks and a border.

Kitten Around mini quilt patterns

Be sure to check back next week (or subscribe to the newsletter) as I’ll have some tips for sewing mini quilts.

More mini quilt patterns

Free ABC mini alphabet quilt pattern

Mini rainbow quilt pattern (also free!)

Quick HST mini quilt pattern

All images : Patch + Dot

Libs Elliott Rebel quilt pattern (and a mini swap!)

The Libs Elliott rebel quilt pattern comes in both a mini quilt version and regular sized versions, and over the next few months I plan to sew up both.

Over on Instagram I’ve signed up for a really fun Lib Elliott themed mini quilt swap organized by @lisataylor1982. The idea is to swap mini quilts using Libs Elliott fabric, or a Libs Elliott pattern / a modern mini quilt pattern in the same vein as her designs (or both).

Libs Elliott rebel quilt mini swap

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