Mini quilts just may be my favorite type of quilt project: the perfect way to scratch that itch to start something new, combined with the satisfaction of actually being able to finish it within a reasonable amount of time. (I’m talking quilted and bound here people!) My favorite mini quilt patterns have crisp, graphic motifs and layouts, and are designed thoughtfully to come together in a methodical way.

I’ve always got my eye out for new mini quilt patterns, and with that in mind I thought I’d try to start compiling a a mega round up in this space. I’ve tried to include a mix of traditionally pieced, paper pieced, and applique. If you have any favourites not listed below, please mention them in the comments, I’d love to hear about them!

To start the list off I’ve divided the minis into three groupings:

  • Modern
  • Traditional
  • Pictorial

(All photos are the property of the respective creators below.)

Modern mini quilt patterns

When you think of modern quilts one of the first names that comes to mind has got to be Libs Elliott. She designs quilts using a programming language called ‘Processing’ and lucky for the rest of us, she also develops some of this work into patterns. I made a Mini Rebel for a swap last year and was so happy with both the pattern (very clear and methodical!) and the result.

One of her latest patterns is Heartburst. It’s got a sweet hexagonal shape and uses EPP in a way that seems really novel … check out those hearts!¬† Also be sure to check out this particular pattern source, it’s quite cool because they sell kits with all of the paper pieces already cut for you.

Heartburst by Libs Elliott

With its sweetly symmetrical geometry, the Trenton Block mini (below) by Lucy of Charm About You could be made to look as modern or traditional as you like, depending on your fabric choices. This one was originally featured in Love Patchwork and Quilting magazine and you can now snag the pattern from Lucy’s shop.

Trenton Block Charm About You

Traditional mini quilt patterns

This great paper-pieced mini pattern, NY Beauty Circle of Flying Geese is by Janice Ryan of Better Off Thread. There are many variations on the New York Beauty, always with some combination of triangles on a curve, it feels like such a distinctly American block to me. This version has a full circle of flying geese around the central sun-like motif (sometimes called the ‘crown of thorns’).

New York Beauty Flying Geese

The Spinning Blooms pattern (below) by Anna Maria Horner is a great example of using a traditional technique (applique in this case), with a modern design, to create something that looks perfectly classic. (This pattern is free too!)Anna Maria Horner mini quilt pattern

Pictorial mini quilts

You may remember the mini I made with the Kitten Around pattern by Lindsey of Pen and Paper Patterns. Her pattern shop is actually full of stunners just like it, with the same cute + modern style that’s instantly recognizable as hers. So it was hard to choose just one to highlight but pictured below is one on my to-do list, the Apple core mini.

Apple Core Mini Quilt Pattern

Another favourite designer in this quilt category is Lysa Flower. If you spend time on Instagram or follow the big quilt shows you’ve no doubt come across her incredible Boombox quilt. Her work is infused with pop-culture references and nods to 80s nostalgia. Case in point: the Cassette Tape¬†pattern! I love this one and it highlights something else to look for in a mini quilt pattern (or quilt patterns period, for that matter). That is, versatility. You can tell at a glance that the component pieces of this pattern could be used to make all kinds of different projects. (Again, check out Instagram and you’ll see some great examples.)

cassette tape mini quilt pattern

Next, if you participate in swaps, you’re sure to see the Take Wing pattern by Nicole of Lilly Ella on multiple wish lists. It’s a detailed pattern with endless possibilities if you love to play around with colour. I’ve made some of Nicole’s smaller butterfly blocks before and feel I am ready to graduate to either this beauty or her Flame Seeker moth design.

Take Wing Paper Piecing Pattern

Finally, for the ponies and rainbows set, the Unicorn and Stars Wall Hanging from Cloud 9 Fabrics:

unicorn mini quilt pattern

What have I missed? Do you have any favorite mini quilt patterns? Share your links in the comments!