As soon as I saw the Double Time Quilt pattern in the Handmade Getaway book I knew it would be the perfect way to make two “matching but not matching” quilts as gift for two little girls. Instead of swapping all of the fabrics I used the same prints for about two thirds of the blocks. Then, for the rest of the blocks, I used fabrics that were distinct to each quilt. Heather Ross’ Sugarplum fabric for the shared prints, then a set of pinks and reds for one quilt, and blue-y greens for the other. The end result was that one quilt had more of a candy-coloured feeling, while the other was more rainbow bright.

Double time quilt

I had so much fun making these. It’s a classic drunkard’s path type design with some well thought out instructions to make the cutting and print allocation for multiple quilts go really quickly. I would also say that it’s a good curve block project for beginners because the flexible layout allows you to “hide” any blocks in which the curved seams might not quite match up, by turning them to and fro. (Plus there are a lot of blocks, so you’ll get lots of practice!)

Drunkard's path quilt

Some tips for sewing curves

My curves are not perfect but my skills in this area have improved over the years so I do have some tips.

Double time quilt

  1. My biggest suggestion, if you’re new to curves, is to RELAX and just go with it. Counter-intuitively, my occasionally loosey-goosey sewing style somehow lends itself to sewing curves. If you’re still nervous, see step 2.
  2. I use exactly five pins, and focus on only one section at a time. This is helpful if your brain is freaking out (OMG! I’m sewing a curve!). Forget about the rest of the block and just focus on that little stretch of space between two pins, using your fingers to gently keep both edges aligned.
  3. As suggested in the book, I used Flatter spray and it really made a noticeable difference preventing distortion.

Double time quilt

Resources for the Double Time Quilt

As I mentioned, the Double Time Quilt pattern is from the Handmade Getaway book by Jacqueline Sava Clarke and Karyn Valino. If you didn’t snag a copy during the Handmade Getaway Kickstarter, you can get it here or at your local quilt shop. It’s full of great sewing projects (and printmaking projects as well)!

The beautiful long arm quilting on both of these quilts is by Spooled Rotten Quilts.

Easy drunkards path quilt pattern

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All photos : Patch and Dot