So apparently I never posted when the Uppecase Alphabet blocks were finished?! It must have been because it was so close to Christmas, and I was deep in dollhouse building mode. It is so fun to make an alphabet quilt but I tell you, when you’re done, you’ll never be so happy to do a pattern that’s just the same block repeated over and over again. (^_^)

Blackletter Uppercase Quilt Pattern

Now that the complete top is finished my next job is to remove all the backing paper (I sewed these blocks before I started using the freezer paper method, from which I will never go back). Then it’s off to the longarm quilter. While it’s there, I think I’ll do a few small projects using single blocks as inititals/monograms to personalize some gifts.

Quite a few of you grabbed this pattern when it was first released so if you’re working on a blackletter project of your own, I’d love to hear about it! (Reply in the comments, tag me on Instagram, or add it to the Patch & Dot By You Pinterest board.)