This week I’m linking up my quilt library block with the Weekend Doings blog for “Sew the Library.” The idea is that you sew your way through all those great-but-possibly-somewhat neglected sewing books on your shelf. I am certainly guilty of buying quilting books and using them more to daydream than anything else, so I thought this was a great idea.

Sew the Library

And a perfect fit, because this week’s block is from a book called Shape Workshop for Quilters, by Katy Jones, Brioni Greenberg, Tacha Bruecher, and John Q. Adams. The book is great, especially for beginners, because it’s organized thematically by shape, and there are plenty of simple blocks that you can use to build up your comfort level with the different methods possible for each shape.

Shape Workshop for Quilters

I tried the “Spinning Star” block by John Q. Adams, because I liked the fact that it’s both simple and full of motion, which is something the sampler it will eventually be a part of needs at this point. The instructions were easy to follow and I was really happy with the block itself: simple to cut and sew but with lots of graphic impact. Those parallelograms you see in the shape gave me a taste for the possibilities of the HST and I think I’ll be looking to tackle some projects that use HSTs to create stripes as well as more parallelograms before too long.

Finally, the block!

spinning star quilt block