sprutt fabric storage ikea

I’ve kind of always dreamed of having a giant filing cabinet for craft supplies, so when pictures of the new Ikea SPRUTT line started surfacing, I knew the nine-drawer cabinet was just what I needed to organized my fabric stash. Up to this point I’d been using a series of bins. Two large bins that are more or less unorganized, plus smaller bins that contain entire projects (most often, groups of fat quarters that I’m saving for future projects). They sell a kind of flat clear box at Michael’s that is supposed to be for scrapbooking but is also the perfect size for large finished squares. But I needed something to really sort out all of the fabric that is not earmarked for specific projects.

I was tempted to get two, but realistically I only have space for one, so this is it for now. Plus, word of advice: it was a fair bit heavier than I expected it to be … it’s lift-able, but bring a cart. The good news it’s also sturdy.

The SPRUTT cabinet comes with a set each of neon pink and yellow labels. These are the accent colours you see in Ikea’s photos for the whole Sprutt line and which put me in mind of Phillipe Starck’s suites at St. Martin’s Lane (They are completely white with pops of neon colour on some smaller walls – at least ours was when we stayed there, it looks like they may have changed things up a bit since.)

I used fabric scraps to identify what’s in the drawers. You can make these by cutting interfacing pieces and fabric to size, then using an iron to bond them together.

Ikea Sprutt fabric drawer labels

The fabric is sorted into different drawers partly by colour, partly by theme.

Here’s a shot of the initial sorting process. I’ve never had such a fun time organizing my basement (which is what this project somehow turned into)! It was interesting to see what I have the most of (the drawer for multi-colour vintage-look florals filled up fastest), what I could (maybe) use some more of (greens and yellows).

fabric stash sort

And here’s what SPRUTT looks like with no labels, looks pretty sweet all on its own.

sprutt without labels ikea storage

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