I consider this a “finish” for 2014 even though it’s just the top. I just squeaked it in on New Years Eve. The pattern is The Arrow Tail Quilt by Sing All You Want. Laurel provides a complete free tutorial and printable template on her blog. The instructions were easy to follow, I would say for the the cutting you do need to pay attention (but I think that’s true of any quilt!) and once the pieces were cut the top came together really quickly. I’m really happy with the way it turned out (will post an update once it’s quilted and bound but since some other projects are going to push this onto the back burner for a while I thought I’d post this quick preview).

Arrow Tail Quilt, pattern by Sing All You Want

Fabrics in use:

I wish I could remember the names of all of the fabrics pictured, but the two large florals are from Sarah Watson‘s Luxe in Bloom from Art Gallery Fabrics, as are “Crystalline Reef” (the pink) and “Flumes Indigo” (the lavender).

Arrow Tail Quilt, pattern by Sing All You Want


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