Hello! This week I’ve got some last minute gift ideas that you can sew up in a pinch, plus some favourite holiday cookie recipes. From top to bottom: Wardle Pickleball Case (pattern by Stuff Sydney Sews), Split Pouch (pattern by Carolyn Friedlander), and the Doable Duffel (pattern and workshop by Ma Tante Quilting) … plus a general recommendation to support your LQS by buying a gift card or two (^_^).
Block 7th
Block 9th
Block 11th
Block 13th
Block 15th
Now for those cookies.
Every household has their favourites, and my house has a large list, but I wanted to share my three current favourites (note the substitutions!):
  • Martha Stewart’s Giant Ginger Molasses Cookies – I leave out the pepper and allspice, add a dash of cinnamon, and these are almost identical to the Starbuck’s ginger cookie. (I also make them smaller, not giant.)
  • NY Times Salted Chocolate Shortbread – this is a little weird, but this year I ran out of vanilla and substituted half the amount maple extract … delicious. I also don’t bother with the egg and sugar coating. (Following my own advice and keeping things simple.)
  • Lemon Crinkle Cookies – I left out the artificial lemon flavour. ¬†And to get the bright yellow colour you see in the photos, I suspect you need to use a lot more food colouring than what they cite. But these were subtle and SO GOOD.