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Over in the Modern Color Workshop for quilters we’ve been talking about solid color, so I thought I’d share some of my favourite modern patterns for trying out any new and interesting color combinations that have caught your eye (whether they came about through the workshop or are some of those lucky matches that arise by happenstance in your sewing work space).

Signal Modern Mini Quilt

First up is actually one of my own: the Signal Modern Mini Quilt. If you’re looking for a bite-sized project, this is it. Coming in at around 19″ x 19″ it makes for a nice modern wall hanging and is a good way to play around with colors some more without making a big commitment.

Woven Diamonds

Next up is the Woven Diamonds pattern by Peony and Fern. You may recall I made a version of this using a mix of prints, and I was so happy with how quickly it came together and how it turned out. Claire’s original design calls for three colors, and the results are really striking.

Tuesday Plaid

This Tuesday Plaid quilt pattern by Seemed to Be quilts is on my to-do list. It’s such a sweet and elegant design that takes advantage of different tones of the same color to create that woven plaid effect. So technically this is more than three colors but I very much wanted to include it hear because it’s such a fun opportunity to play¬†with color value.


Finally, the Sonoran Chain Quilt is a gorgeous new pattern from Village Bound Quilts. You can see in the photo below the completely different impact you can achieve by choosing shades of a different colors and placing them on a black versus white background. The pink/coral version seems ethereal, almost translucent, while the black version has tons of graphic pop, almost like the electric glow of a Lite Brite set.


image credit : all photos courtesy and property of their respective quilt pattern creators