Hello everyone, I hope you are keeping well. It’s the start of summer here in Canada. What a year it’s been!

The end of the school year has got me thinking a lot about the stories we tell with our quilts. One of the biggest surprises for me when I started designing alphabet patterns was the amazing custom quilts you’ve made with them. In my mind, I imagined baby quilts, and full alphabet wall hangings, gracing the walls of nurseries and playrooms. Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine the incredible creations my fellow quilters would come up with.

To that end, I’ve started collecting a sampling of these over in my Instagram stories. You’ll see song lyrics, monograms, messages of love, calls to arms, not to mention many mashups using Blackletter + other original patterns. Be sure to give some of these makers a follow, and if you have a special creation that I’ve missed please tag me or write!

Just for fun I started mocking up a few ideas for new samples, with a story theme, in Illustrator. It’s pretty addictive once you get going!

When You Wish Upon a Star quilt

Star Wars Quilt

Once Upon a Time quilt

This last one prompted the fun suggestion that it would work perfectly with Kate Basti’s Summer Book Club sew along … and in fact I do have a few orphan tall tales blocks (in a different palette) that need a home, so I may put this on my to do list (far be it from me to not start a new quilt each month, haha).

Quilt Book Blocks

Until next time!