The Sugarcubes quilt pattern is now available to purchase

Thank you to everyone who has sent kind words of encouragement on this one, it’s been so motivating and I can’t wait to see what people do with this pattern once it’s in their hands. All the details on sizes and color schemes below, but first some photos!





Sugarcubes Quilt Pattern

So here’s the scoop on Sugarcubes.

Quilt sizes

  • Baby (36” x 36”)
  • Small throw (54” x 54”)
  • Large throw (72” x 72”)
  • Queen size (90” x 108”)

Fabric requirements

Sugarcubes is fat quarter-friendly – see the product page for complete fabric requirements for each size.


Digital colouring pages are available over on Prequilt so you can start planning and daydreaming before

I’ve also set up an entire page where I’m sharing lists of fabrics and colours for Sugarcubes palette inspiration.





Sugarcubes Quilt Pattern