churn dash quilt block

So I was all ready to write about how aptly named this block is … because you can churn through them so quickly, dashing them off one after another … when I thought I had better actually look this up. Turns out it’s named after its resemblance to a butter churn and butter? Pays to fact-check I guess! Seriously though this block was so speedy to put together (I used the instructions in this video by the Missouri Star Quilt Company – only difference was that my layer cakes were more like 9.75 inches square), I can see this becoming a favourite.

One thing I did struggle with was making sure that my points didn’t disappear at the edges of the block (or I guess, that they won’t in the future when it’s joined to something, because they approach the edges too closely). I eventually figured out that the key is not to be to stingy with my seam allowance, i.e. they should not be scant at all and can even be a little generous to avoid this result. (At least I think this is the solution? If anyone can correct me on this / has a better strategy I would love to hear about it!)

churn dash quilt block

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