December 1st! Can you believe it?! With Christmas just around the corner, I thought I’d put together a little listicle that is both practical and inspiring: 15 different ways (and counting) that you can use your Patch and Dot alphabet blocks (whether Blackletter or Ribbon Letters – these are all good projects for both).

15 ways to use alphabet quilt blocks

And now, the list …

Alphabet quilt block project ideas

Most of these are made by you, so the links will take you to Pinterest or to each maker’s Instagram. I designed these alphabet quilt blocks specifically so that you can use them over and over again in your sewing projects, so it makes me so happy to see all the creative ways you’re using them to personalize your creations.

  1. Placemats
  2. Stockings (timely!)
  3. A baby quilt (the classic)
  4. Gift bags
  5. Wall hanging
  6. Craft show banner
  7. Personalized quilt coat
  8. Throw quilt
  9. Monogrammed makeup bags (you’ll need to shrink your FPP blocks down for this one)
  10. Pencil cases (same here)
  11. Project bag
  12. Initials and dates for a wedding quilt
  13. Graduation quilt
  14. Quilt with a message
  15. Personalized tote (I would add Blackletter Uppercase to this patchwork duffle by Knot & Thread)

Have you made something with a Patch and Dot alphabet that’s not on this list? Leave a note in the comments or add it to the Patch and Dot “Made by You” Pinterest page!

Alphabet Quilt Project Ideas Alphabet Quilt Patterns by Patch and Dot